The Mighty Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth

Thor: Ragnarok – Watch the Trailer

The new Thor: Ragnarok trailer is out from Marvel Studios. The burning question is who’s your money on? Thor or the Incredible Hulk? And more importantly, how badly do you want to watch the mighty Thor take on the Hulk – gladiator style! Hulk actually has some speaking scenes in Thor: Ragnarok. Am I the …

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Power Wash Pool Deck Like a Pro | Photo: R. Ocampo

Power Wash Pool Deck, Time to Check Off To-Do Item

Is your pool deck looking sad? It’s probably time to stop procrastinating and check off that honey-do list item:¬†power wash pool deck. Like I tell my wife, if I said I would do it, I will. She doesn’t have to remind me every 6 months! Worst Part of Power Washing Pool Deck? Moving the crap, …

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