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Twins getting ready to Easter egg hunt

Why does one become a (Latino) blogger?

Twins hanging out with Mickey
Twins hanging out with Mickey

Reasons to put down the sword, and pick up the pen, vary from person to person. It seems like nowadays, people’s lives are very public. The rise of social media over the last ten years has changed our entire culture. Our parent’s generation was a private one. I remember as a child, my parents wouldn’t even tell me who they were voting for. You didn’t ask such questions. Now, people argue in public internet forums about their candidate, party or platform.

There are many voices in the media, including social media. It’s just hard sometimes to hear the voice calling to you. That’s where the Latino (“Hispanic” says the Texan in me) part come in. I left El Paso, Texas at a very adult age. I grew up with sopapillas, tortillas made from scratch, tamales and Spanglish. I thought that is what the world was – one big melting pot of menudo! Alas, I realized that what was the majority-minority in El Paso was definitely not the case all over. This was even more profound when I moved to New England and then to Naples, FL. I mean, people didn’t look like me unless they were in the service industry. I saw less and less of the professional Latinos and felt more and more like an outsider.Latwino Dad

The goal of Latwino Dad isn’t an in-your-face approach at the Latino culture – far from it. It’s simply a narration of the world, from a Latino’s perspective, with MexiTalian twins. They won’t grow up with abuelita’s caldo de res; however, I will work to ensure that they don’t forget their Latin heritage, either.

Heck, they already dance salsa and cumbias!

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